Biotin can be used as an oligonucleotide modification for a variety of assays. Moieties or surfaces conjugated with streptavidin will bind Biotin-labelled oligos tightly. Additionally, the TEG spacer minimizes steric hindrance between the Biotin moiety and the oligonucleotide. This, for example, facilitates the capture of Biotin-labelled oligos onto streptavidin coated surfaces.

Attachment biotin teg

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Specifications as a 5' modification
MW 569.6 g/mol
Specifications as a 3' modification
MW 570 g/mol
Specifications as an internal modification
MW 338.8 g/mol


Fang, X., Liu, X., Schuster, S., Tan, W. Designing a novel molecular beacon for surface immobilized DNA hybridization studies. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 121, 1999, 2921-2922.

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