Photocleavable-Amino-Modifier (PC Amino-Modifier) is a modification that consists of a UV-cleavable primary amino group. A 6-carbon spacer arm separates the amino group from the oligonucleotide, thereby reducing steric interactions between the amino-moiety and the oligo itself. The amino group allows the conjugation of the oligonucleotide with a variety of different moieties, like fluorescent dyes, quenchers, haptens, surfaces, etc. By UV-light exposure, these moieties can be cleaved away, thus leaving the oligonucleotide with a phosphate group, in place of the PC-Amino-Modifier.

Attachment pc amino modifier

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MW 371.32 g/mol


Olejnik, J., Krzymanska-Olejnik, E., Rothschild, K.J. Photocleavable aminotag phosphoramidites for 5’-termini DNA/RNA labeling. Nucleic Acids Res. (1998), 26: 3572-3576.

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