6-Fam Azide

6-Fam (6-carboxyfluorescein) is one single isomer of the dye Fluorescein. The spectral properties of 6-Fam are identical to those of FITC (Fluorescein-5,6-isothiocyanate), which consists of a reactive specie of Fluorescein bearing an isothiocyanate reactive group. 6-Fam can be successfully used with most fluorescent detection devices available in the market. 6-Fam-Azid is an azide modifier that can be used in Click-Chemistry. This technique allows multiple alkynated multiple sites within an oligonucleotide to be labelled by “clicking” a variety of azide-containing labels/tags. To learn more about click-chemistry, click here.

Click 6 FAM Azide

Metabion offers 6-Fam Azide as a modification in its click-chemistry portfolio. Click here

6-Fam  Azide specifications
MW 458.83 g/mol
Excitation maximum 496 nm
Emission maximum 516 nm
Extinction coefficient (260nm) 83 mM-1cm-1

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