2’ OMe-U

2’ OMe-U is a ribonucleotide that can be inserted in oligonucleotides to increase their Tm. Additionally, 2’ OMe-U protects the oligonucleotide against endonuclease cleavage, although NOT against exonuclease digestion. Therefore, it is particularly useful as a modification in antisense oligonucleotides, which will have their Tm increased by 1.3°C per 2’ OMe-U added. However, metabion recommends to additionally phosphorothiolate such 2’ OMe-U-antisense, in order to protect them against exonuclease degradation. To learn more about PTO modification, click here.

Tmincrease 2 OMe rU

Metabion offers the modification in its DNA and RNA portfolio. Click here

MW 320.2 g/mol
Extinction coefficient (260 nm) 10 mM-1cm-1


P.M. Brett, J.F. Johnston, H. Sasmor and L.L. Cummins. Nuclease Resistance and Antisense Activity of Modified Oligonucleotides Targeted to Ha-rasJBC (1996), 271: 14533-14540.

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