ZNA® stands for Zip nucleic acids, which consist in oligonucleotides conjugated with cationic spermine units. This asset decreases the electrostatic repulsion between single strand nucleic acids (i.e. between primer/ probe and target DNA during annealing). As a result, ZNA® primers and probes have higher affinity to their targets, compared to unmodified oligonucleotides. Moreover, the global charge of a ZNA® oligonucleotide-oligocation can be modulated by specifying the number of cationic spermine moieties attached to the nucleic acid oligomer. The Tm of ZNAs® increases linearly with the length of the oligocation. Therefore, it is possible to easily predict the melting temperature (Tm) of ZNA®-DNA or ZNA®-RNA hybrids.

Tmincrease ZNA
Structure of one single ZNA®

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Specifications as ZNA-2
MW at 5'-end 318 g/mol
MW at 3'-end 897 g/mol
Specifications as ZNA-3
MW at 5'-end 1225.5 g/mol
MW at 3'-end 1305.5 g/mol
Specifications as ZNA-4
MW at 5'-end 1634.2 g/mol
MW at 3'-end 1714 g/mol
Specifications as ZNA-5
MW at 5'-end 2042.8 g/mol
MW at 3'-end 2122.5 g/mol


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