At metabion, we consider DNA oligomer duplex production and delivery an "add-on" to the service-value chain based on our unmatched capability to produce high quality ssDNA oligos up to 220 nts.

Just to avoid any potential misconception concerning the production technique applied, building dsDNA by adding complementary base pairs step by step is not possible. The method of choice consists in synthesizing two ssDNA oligos separately and align them to form a duplex via complementary base pairing. This drives the formation of more or less stable duplexes/dsDNA.

What you need to know to design your duplex/ dsDNA

  • Best duplex formation is achieved if sense and antisense oligos are 100% complementary. We do allow for wobble positions/randomized stretches and/or partially non-complementary stretches to create "overhangs" at both ends. However, be aware that the stability of the resulting duplexes and their Tm will be reduced.
  • The responsibility of defining/specifying the sequence of both strands (sense and antisense) is yours. We will ensure to deliver what you order at top quality but without unsolicited interfering into your designs.
  • Unless otherwise specified, we will produce your duplex/ds DNA with a hydroxyl group, both at the 5’ and at the 3’ end. If you require a phosphate group at either end, you can choose it as a 5’ or 3’ modification.
  • You will find a list of other possible modifications by clicking on our Portfolio.

In summary, our dsDNA oligonucleotide standard service provides for un-cloned, double stranded and mass-checked linear DNA fragments at quantities that allow for a reasonable to very high number(s) of downstream applications/experiments like cloning, crystallization, etc.. at best value.

Our duplex DNA service includes

  • synthesis, purification and QC of 2 complementary DNA oligonucleotides up to a length of 220 nts.
  • equimolar mixing of individually QCed DNA oligos (analytical HPLC and Mass Check).
  • annealing of the two oligos, formation of the respective duplex DNA, and "freezing" of the ds-status as dried down deliverable.
  • QC of DNA duplex by ESI-ToF mass spectrometry.
  • Providing recommendations/ a protocol to re-dilute, re-anneal and use the delivered dsDNA oligos.

A full list of standard modification is available below:

Fluorencent Modifications

TypePositionSpectrum Maxima
  5' 3' internal Abs Em
Atto425 439 485
6-Fam 495 520
Fluo 495 520
FITC 490 525
Tet 521 536
Joe 522 548
Yakima Yellow®   530 549
Hex 535 556
Cy3 546 563
Atto550 554 576
Tamra 564 579
Rox 576 601
Texas Red® 586 610
Cy5 646 662
Atto647N   646 664
Cy5.5 683 705
IRDye®700   685 705
IRDye®800  ✓   787 812

Concentrations available: 0,5 to 200 nmol
Purification available: HPLC

Non-Fluorescent Modifications

  5' 3' internal
C6 Amino    
C12 Amino    
Biotin  ✓
C6 Thiol  ✓  
Digoxigenin  ✓
2' Deoxyuridine
C3 spacer
C9 spacer  
HEG spacer
C7 Amino    
Inverted T    
C2-Amino dT    
C6-Amino dT    
C6 spacer      ✓
C12 spacer    
C3 Thiol    

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