LNA primers and probes

Locked Nucleic Acid is a type of nucleic acid analog that contains a 2'-O, 4'-C methylene bridge.


Figure 1. Structure of Locked Nucleic Acid and native-state DNA monomers.


The “locked” part of their name comes from a methylene bridge bond linking the 2′ oxygen to the 4′ carbon of the RNA pentose ring (Figure 1). The bridge bond fixes the pentose ring in the 3′-endo conformation. In fact, LNA nucleotides are  RNA building blocks due to the 2´oxygen on the sugar component in place, however not requiring a 2´OH protection group (like TBDMS, TOM, ACE or TC) as “the lock” provides protection. 

LNA building blocks in PCR primers, qPCR probes, and other types of oligonucleotides provide “oligo solubility” in water and standard buffers. And as the modification concerns the Nucleic Acid backbone only, Watson-Crick base-pairing rules remain unaffected.

LNA modified oligonucleotides advantages at a glance

... featuring

  • increased thermal stability and hybridization specificity
  • increased Tm for short and AT-rich primers and probes (ΔTm/locked base approx. 2-6°C depending on sequence composition and “neighbourhood” effects)
  • Enhanced in-vitro and in-vivo stability due to increased endo- and exonuclease resistance
  • Nontoxic, efficient and effective building blocks for incorporation in antisense, m-RNA or other Nucleic Acid based drug development candidates.

... providing for

  • efficient mismatch/SNP/allelic discrimination
  • earlier Ct values
  • higher signal level/signal-to-noise ratio
  • facilitated and flexible designs for problematic target sequences – however sequence dependent.
  • an excellent supplementation to our Tm/specificity/sensitivity increasing portfolio: ZNA and MGB modified oligonucleotides.


... hence qualifying for

a wide range of Nucleic Acid-based applications like

  • PCR/real-time PCR/RT-PCR
  • Microarrays/Capture probing
  • Gene silencing
  • In Situ Hybridization (ISH)

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