nGS Oligos

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) can be considered a real “fusion technology”. By combining applied biochemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, materials sciences, nanoscience, mathematics and complex system informatics life sciences has been pushed into a new era of exploring the miracle of life.

Supply of high quality oligonucleotides have been and are of the essence for enjoying the full potential of technological development. Ensuring “full bloom” is based on two major aspects:

  1. Quality of the input material, i. e. quality of the oligonucleotides in order to achieve 
    best technical and scientific performance. 
  2. Affordability of the input material, i. e. price-quality ratio of the oligonucleotides in 
    order to achieve best economic efficiency.

At metabion, we are aware that high oligonucleotide purity is key for Next Generation Sequencing. Therefore, we have established a dedicated synthesis pipeline for this special type of oligo, which ensures full freedom from oligo cross-contamination.

Moreover, our nGS products are 100% quality assured for chemical integrity through documented ESI-ToF analysis (spectra delivered).

nGS grade purity guarantees high performance primers for all currently used nGS platforms/applications.

  • 5 standard scales indicating the range of quantity delivered in nmoles.
  • Fixed price for unmodified oligos in 2 different length ranges (11-40mers and 41-80mers).
  • Add-on prices for defined modifications.
  • 100% quality assurance for chemical integrity of primers through documented ESI-ToF analysis (spectra delivered).
 Available Modifications
Yield range
in nmol
PTO 5'Biotin-TEG 5'Phos 5-Me-dC Inosin 3'ddC
 ≥ 5 < 10
 ≥ 10 < 20
 ≥ 20 < 30
 ≥ 30 < 50
 ≥ 50 < 70

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