RNA Oligos - plates

The increasing demand for large numbers of standard RNA oligos delivered in microtiter plates is tightly connected to the growing number of high throughput assays for research and diagnostic applications.

With our well-trusted offer of DNA oligos in plates, metabion has proven that “quantity meets quality” is not only a slogan for us, but we make it real. This is only possible thanks to our state-of-the-art  high throughput technology platform.

“Heart” of this platform is our inhouse developed 96-Parallel Synthesizer, called BH96 (“Blue Hedgehog” 96), which gives us the chance to produce high throughput-high quality oligos, a unique feature we are very proud to build on. The uniqueness of our BH96 is convincingly reflected by the fact that metabion could protect the instrument by patent! As quality was, is, and will always be metabion´s first priority, the “kidney” of our HTO line is Sequenom´s MassArray System, which enables us to check each and every oligo produced by Mass-spec. With the help of this specially adapted system, we can “filter” our synthesis products very quickly for potential quality nonconformities referring to our stringently applied quality criteria. Non-conform oligos are immediately re-synthesized so that only completely checked and approved plates are released.

Our outstanding performance in terms of High Throughput Oligos synthesis is based on

  • Quantity delivered: we guarantee delivery amounts based on final ranges of delivered quantities in nmol, rather than on abstract OD260 values
  • Quality guarantee: metabion has been the first company in Europe to introduce 100% quality check by Mass-spec, and yet being able to offer RNA oligos in plates at best value prices.

Our commitment to quality is further emphasized by our production procedures having been ISO certified according to DIN EN 9001 and 13485 since 2001 and 2010, respectively.

Our standard custom RNA Oligos - plates Portfolio


Delivery desalted, in 96-well microtiter plates. 

  • 1.2 ml round well/U-bottomed
  • 1.0 ml “Matrix” microplates w/o barcode
  • 1.0 ml “Matrix” microplates 2D barcoded 

2 yield ranges based on length independent delivered quantities from 10-50 nmol for oligos from 5-40 nucleotides.

  • ≥ 10 < 25 nmol
  • ≥ 25 < 50 nmol


Minimum number of oligos of the same kind (scale, modification, normalization, shipping condition) is 48 per 96well plate. Combination of batches of 48 congeneric oligos in one plate is allowed.


RNA Oligos - plate format - Modifications
5'-end 3'-end
6-Fam  ✓  
Fluo  ✓  
Biotin  ✓  ✓
Phosphate  ✓  
C6 Amino  ✓  
C7 Amino  
C12 Amino  ✓  

Standard modification pricing refers to one modification per oligonucleotide. Dual or multiple labelling does not automatically follow simple addition arithmetics. Please inquire for feasibility and pricing.

For HPLC purified oligos in plates, please inquire.

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