RNA mid/large Scale oligos

Our service at a glance:

  • You order your desired RNA oligos and you can always rely on our top quality Customer Service via chat, telephone or email.
  • If you order within 18.00 (German time), we start processing your order on the same day.
  • You will receive your oligos in 6 to 8 weeks.
  • You will receive your RNA oligos dry, HPLC purified, desalted (gel filtration/dialysis), and sterile filtered.
  • DNA and RNA prices only include either phosphorothioate or phosphodiester linkages.
  • All our oligos are subject to strict quality control by mass spectrometry.
  • Please inquire for pricing and availability of modified sequences and oligo lengths outside the ranges listed in our Portfolio. Prices could vary with sequence composition and additional modifications.

metabion offers standard synthesis of Mid/Large scale RNA oligos between 15 and 25 bases of length. Our customers can select their final yields as shown in the table below. 

15-25 bases in length
27mer Dicer substrate siRNA
Final Yield Price in €* Price in €*
50 mg 3375 6740
100 mg 4750 7790
250 mg 7350 10490
500 mg 10965 15160
1 gram 19085 22970

* All prices are in EUR excluding tax and transport, including metabion’s standard large scale QC package, consisting of an analytical HPLC and Mass Spec trace.


For modified sequences and lengths outside of the standard range stated above, please send your inquiry to info@metabion.com

Additional QC Options (please inquire for pricing):

Endotoxin Analysis

Nota bene:

  • Phosphorothioates and some dyes may inhibit in the mechanism that metabion is using for endotoxin determinations; readings might therefore be less accurate for these molecules.
  • Due to the high affinity of cholesterol towards endotoxins, metabion is currently not able to give a specific endotoxin guarantee for cholesterol modified oligonucleotides, however we aim to achieve an endotoxin level below 4 EU/mg.

Custom QC Package(s):

  • Determination of the sodium (Na+) content of the oligonucleotide.

    Nota bene:
    • This analysis requires at least 20 mg of purified oligonucleotide.
    • Sodium (Na+) analysis may require 10 working days for completion.
  • LC-MS of the oligonucleotide.

Custom quality-control methods, developed to order.


Send your order or inquire by email to info@metabion.com.

Please make sure to indicate all relevant information such as

  • shipping address & contact information (person, phone, fax, email)
  • billing address & contact information (person/customer ID, phone, fax, email, VAT #)
  • quotation and/or PO # if any.

For any questions please contact our customer service team by


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