At metabion, we consider RNA oligomer duplex production and delivery an "add-on" to the service-value chain based on our unmatched capability to produce high quality ssRNA oligos. In most cases dsRNA is used for siRNA allocations.

siRNA is well studied in the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway, where it regulates the expression of specific genes, whose mRNA bears complementary nucleotide sequences. In this context, siRNAs function by causing the disruption of complementary mRNAs, resulting in no translation. siRNAs also act in RNAi-related pathways, like in antiviral mechanisms or in shaping the chromatin structure of a genome. The complexity of these pathways is only now being elucidated. However, synthetic siRNAs have already become an important tool to gene validation or drug targeting as, at least in principle, any gene can be knocked down by a synthetic siRNA.

Small interfering RNA (siRNA), sometimes known as short interfering RNA or silencing RNA, is a class of double-stranded RNA molecules, 20-30 base pairs in length. siRNAs have a well-defined structure: short double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) with phosphorylated 5' and hydroxylated, two nts overhanging 3' ends.

rna sirna design

Figure 1: "Classic" siRNA design

Our standard siRNA/duplex portfolio covers the “classic siRNA style” as follows:

  • Fixed price/duplex based on length independent delivered quantities from 10-200 nmol for 11-40mer duplexes
  • 3´ DNA overhangs up to 2 nts without extra charge. Total length per ssRNA/RNA-DNA chimera must not exceed 40 nts each nor be shorter than 11 nts.
  • For 5´Phosphorylation of both strands, a scale independent surcharge of EURO 90,00 applies.
  • 100% HPLC purification as well as QC by Mass-Check of ssRNA for best quality.
  • Shipping condition dry. Dissolving instructions for best duplex formation provided.
  • Average in-house turnover 5-10 working days (freight forwarders delivery time not included) and refer to our standard portfolio. In terms of "counting" working days, orders placed past 3 pm German time are considered to be next day's order.

Additionally, we offer a seasoned selection of suitable backbone and/or base modifications, which can be introduced internally and/or at both ends (3´ and/or 5´). Among these are:

2' F, 2' OMe, 2-Aminopurine, 5-Fluoro-dU, 5-Me-dC, 7-deaza-dG, PTO.

Please inquire!

The advantage of using such modified siRNAs are:

  • siRNA stability and base-pairing properties/hybridization affinity
  • nuclease resistance, RNA bio distribution and cellular uptake
  • potency and specificity of silencing
  • siRNA immunogenicity


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