Zip nucleic acids (ZNAs) are oligonucleotides conjugated with cationic spermine units. This asset decreases the electrostatic repulsion between single strand nucleic. Thanks to this feature, ZNA oligonucleotides have higher affinity to their targets, compared to unmodified oligonucleotides. As a result, ZNA technology is a powerful tool for gene silencing applications, such as DNA antisense and siRNA/RNAi (1; 2; 3).

In gene silencing applications ZNA provides for:

  • enhanced/accelerated target recognition
  • increased sensitivity
  • high specificity
  • increased flexibility in terms of design/sequence composition constraints
  • improved quantification accuracy of low abundant transcripts
  • targeting highly conserved, specific (including A/T rich) sequences

Our ZNA technology will also assist your needs in terms of cell delivery. ZNA provides for an excellent mean to deliver nucleic acids in the cells directly, without the use of transfection reagents (4).

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