Zip nucleic acids (ZNA®) are oligonucleotides conjugated with cationic spermine units. This asset decreases the electrostatic repulsion between single strand nucleic. Thanks to this feature, ZNA® oligonucleotides have higher affinity to their targets, compared to unmodified oligonucleotides. As a result, ZNA® technology is a powerful tool for gene silencing applications, such as DNA antisense and siRNA/RNAi (1; 2; 3).

In gene silencing applications ZNA® provides for:

  • enhanced/accelerated target recognition
  • increased sensitivity
  • high specificity
  • increased flexibility in terms of design/sequence composition constraints
  • improved quantification accuracy of low abundant transcripts
  • targeting highly conserved, specific (including A/T rich) sequences

Our ZNA® technology will also assist your needs in terms of cell delivery. ZNA® provides for an excellent mean to deliver nucleic acids in the cells directly, without the use of transfection reagents (4).

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