PCR product labeling

We always strive to assist our customers in every aspect of their experiments. Therefore, we have developed an entire portfolio of reagents to perform PCR product labelling directly in your laboratory. In particular:

  • Alkyne Nucleotides (triphosphates) to be incorporated into DNA during polymerization reactions (PCR, reverse transcription, nick-translation, etc.). This prepares the produced DNA strands for post-synthetic “click” conjugations to azid-activated labels – a very elegant and efficient way of “modimerizing” DNA strands.
  • Click-chemistry efficient Polymerase (Modimerase), a proofreading polymerase, which efficiently incorporates alkyne-modified dNTPs. Alkyne nucleotides do not serve as substrate for conventional Taq.
  • Azide Modifiers and additional “click reagents”. Azide-activated molecules can be used to modify alkynylated DNA/RNA sequences and other alkynylated biomolecules.

This remarkable offer is possible due to click chemistry, a state-of-the-art technology that allows multiple labeling of polymerized DNA strands via incorporation of Alkyne-dNTPs (triphosphates) followed by post-synthetic click reactions at a so far unmatched efficiency level. For detailed information about click chemistry, our portfolio, prices and how to order, visit our Click-Chemistry page